Murloc RPG v0.7

Notes from programmer

I've always wanted to play a Murloc on World of Warcraft, but I knew that wasn't going to happen... So I created my own game! I've been secretly developing an RPG engine for months, which includes:

20 Talents,
50+ Items,
Lots of enemies to battle,
Lots of areas to explore,
And a fully developed storyline!

Over 1 hour of gameplay, this is a full RPG developed on Flash. If you're not into RPGs, please consider the work put into this game when you vote. WARNING: You must have Flash Player 8!

*NOTE: Most people think the game froze when you get the message "Yes I'm ready, Give me a few minutes" The game did NOT freeze. Kagle is asking you if you're ready. You should click on either "Yes, I'm ready" or "Give me a few minutes."

Controls (available in-game):
A and D or Arrows to move Left and Right
Hold Control to run.
Use Spacebar to interact.

15/03/2006 - Fixed minor bug regarding the hidden challenge.
16/03/2006 - Fixed another minor bug regarding the hidden challenge! (silly typos)

Information about expansion (not presented here)

Update: The new expansion is out! Murloc RPG: Stranglethorn Fever. Faster gameplay, loads of new areas, enemies, and items added! (v1.2). Check out my site for more info. http:// gamerdisclaimer .com

Someone found hidden challenge

Just found out a hidden challenge, at the end of the game when the portal is open, do not go in first. Instead save the game before going into the portal. After watching the ending story, load the game which you saved. Notice the name Darkmoon Faire? Well you’ve just unlocked a hidden challenge. Go take the Darkmoon challenge. Repeat the challenge until you battle with Level 60 Sirath.